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About Digital Boost

With years of experience working with small to medium-sized businesses, we understand that even with the best intentions things can get in the way of improving your digital marketing.

Whether you would like us to consult on digital topics such as a creation of a new landing page, website updates, analytics, email marketing, SEO, or offer a managed service so we take any hassle away from you then we can help. With you still in the driver's seat, we can work with you as an extension to your business.


Website creation

We can help update an existing website, or create something new. If you need something more interactive, user friendly, or a new online solution such as a stockist search then we can help.

Email Marketing Service

From advice, design, creation, or management our email marketing service can help you. Email marketing is known to provide the best ROI so if you don’t have the time to get the best from it, then let us do that for you.

Understanding your data

Once you understand your website data, you have an opportunity to discover what is and is not working for you. This will help you to create a digital strategy and allocate any marketing spend more accurately.

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Stage 1

We will work with you to outline the brief and ensure best practice is used.

Stage 2

Using our experience, we will create a mockup of the design layout and then discuss it with you. We can use this stage to gather more insight from yourself as that will often help to guide the design based on user expectations.

Stage 3

If needed, we will also work with you to host your website ensuring you have the correct package and also provide you with a guide so you have the knowledge to update your website without any technical skills being required.

Digital Boost

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